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Established in 2003, S&S Homes Inc. has built beautiful homes in Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus, Wahoo, Louisville, Springfield and surrounding areas, and now has the ability to serve all of Eastern Nebraska. By being willing to provide for home construction needs all these areas, S&S Homes has gained experience in numerous housing markets and is developing relationships throughout Nebraska. S&S Homes Inc. will sit down with you and discuss your budget and find the perfect home plan to suit your wants and needs. If you can imagine it, we can do it. Our team of professionals will help guide you along the way to reach your dream home. From breaking ground to final closing, you will meet with the builder several times over the construction process to discuss the construction progress and turn in selections of materials. So whether it’s your family or friends, or someone you know in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact our agent Kellie Konz-Wieczorek at 402.210.6046 or kellie@nebraskarealty.com

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